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Filipino Hospitality Workers
September 2, 2014, 
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Filipinos are famous around the world for the single most important trait that defines us: our hospitality. There are thousands of job opportunities present for Filipino hospitality workers around the globe such as countries like Macau, Mongolia, and Cambodia. These countries are in dire need of hospitality workers. In addition, these countries are the highest-paying when it comes to the hospitality industries. As a matter of fact, they even double the amount what the Middle East gives to their workers.

PNI International has gathered a quality pool of Filipino hospitality workers that is prepared for deployment to these countries. These Filipino candidates are the very best and they are ready to handle tasks and situations that might arise when they are deployed to other countries. 

Of course, to be able to hone these candidates, there are a few entities here in the Philippines that might be able to help improve the skills of these hospitality workers to gain experience abroad. An example of this is the newly-opened institute in Quezon City,  the Pacific Global Hospitality Institute (PGHI). They have internationally innovative facilities to help the workers gain experience to work for a five-star hotel and restaurant. According to Philippine Star,"PGHI's mission is to is to equip its students with the knowledge, skills and discipline at par with international standards prevailing in premium hospitality-sector players and to give them an advantage to the highly-competitive hospitality industry".

Very warm and caring, Filipinos have a certain touch when it comes to their work. They believe that having a passion for what they do helps them to succeed and the power of a smile that goes a long way.

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