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PNI Corporate Social Responsibility
September 1, 2014, 
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Philippines is one rich country when it comes to human resources. That is why, it is the premiere destination of sourcing smart, talented and skilled workers from countries all over the world. And PNI International has been the industry leader in providing human resource solutions and manpower services to clients across the globe.

However, the growing demands for people are inevitable and as time passes by, we might face scarcity of this very essential resource and this is something we need to care about.

Therefore, PNI International has launched its social responsibility programs as the company recognized the importance of contributing to society. We, at PNI International have committed to partner with several organizations and charity institutions that share common goal of giving hope to unprivileged kids and nurture their talents because we believe they are the future of our society and workforce.

Before the year ends, PNI International has organized a sustainability program with the theme “Give Back Drive”. This project as a practice of benevolent giving and caring provides our beneficiaries from different organizations to support their fundamental needs as well as bring them forth with an educational program. We would like to ask you to drop your support through pledges and kind donations in any amount that will be utilized as tuition fees for our chosen scholars.

In conclusion, we would like to work hand in hand with you and your company in securing a child’s future as this is a wonderful investment for the future of our society.

Fore more information, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you.

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