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Peter Mason licensee for Brian Tracy Training
September 2, 2014, 
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PNI is proud to announce that we now offer training modules from Peter MasonConsulting. Mason Consulting Pty Ltd is a recognized company in Australia and is accredited by Brian Tracy, an expert in business development and personal effectiveness who’s popular across the United States and worldwide.

To further enhance the skills and abilities of your employees, Peter Mason has four training courses to offer.
  •  High Performance Leadership: Develop the leadership and professional capabilities of team leaders, managers, and supervisors. Gain the best out of your team, lift productivity and motivational levels and achieve higher staff retention rates.
  • Advanced Selling Skills and Superior Sales Management: For sales teams and sales managers who need to lift their skills to achieve higher revenues and profitability, develop new customers and build current customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive market place.
  • Maximum Achievement: For personal growth, positive self-esteem, confidence, goal setting and achieving excellence.
  • Online Profiling Tools: Help recruit, train, motivate and coach employees and managers. The why, what and how of peoples behaviour operating in a business environment. 

Partner up with PNI today and train with the world-renowned expert in sales management, leadership skills, and business development.  

For more information, email us at
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