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Software Development Expo & Conference in Tokyo, Japan
March 2015, 
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SODEC is Japan's largest exhibition featuring a variety of products for development, operation and maintenance of software. A great number of managers in information systems department and software development visit SODEC every year to conduct business discussions face to face with exhibitors.

Exhibit Profile

  • Development Outsourcing Services
  • Offshore Services
  • Human Resources/Payroll Systems
  • Workflow/Document Management Systems
  • Internal Control Systems
  • Application Development Tools
  • Operation Management/Support Tools
  • Object Oriented Development Tools
  • Java Based Development Tools
  • Linux-Compliant Development Tools
  • .NET Development Tools
  • Multi Platform-Compliant Development Tools
  • UML Tools/XML Tools
  • Configuration Management Tools
  • Systems Development Automation Tools
  • Web Systems Development Tools
  • Requirements Definition/Requirements Management Tools
  • System Engineer Temp Services
  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting/Financial Systems
  • Sales/Production Management Systems
  • Attendance Management Systems
  • Testing/Debugging/Tuning Tools
  • Change/Version Management Tools
  • System Operation Management Tools/ITIL
  • Legacy Migration Services
  • Database Linking Tools
  • Form Creation Tools
  • Reporting Tools
  • Electrical Forms Systems
  • Automatic Document Creating Systems
  • Project Management Tools
  • Rich Client Tools
  • RIA Development Tools

Visitor Profile

  • Information Systems Managers, Software Development Managers and Professionals
  • Management Executives/Management Planning Dept.
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