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Date Posted: 2018-02-25 20:37:00
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ApplicationDeveloper (Frond-End)


a.     SOLID principles & AOP (aspect-orientedprogramming)

b.     Expert in HTML5, JavaScript & CSS andideally experience in some other languages such as TypeScript, Elm, C#, VB .NET, Java, Scala, Python, Clojure etc.

c.     Libraries & frameworks for building userinterfaces (Web Application Framework) e.g. Angular, Node.JS, React.JS, MS MVC

d.     HTTP (Cookies, CORS, caching)

e.     Using 3rd party .Net libraries and NuGet

f.      Solid analytical skills and appreciation oftechnical risk

g.     Experienced in automated testing and CI/CD(Continuous Integration & Deployment e.g. TeamCIty, Jenkins, Go-CD & Octopus Deploy)

h.     Networking fundamentals - TCP/IP, WCF bindings

i.      IIS, HTTP (headers, cookies etc.), Windows& Web Services, Web API, Web sockets, Web farms, Load balancing etc.


k.     MSBuild & Scripting e.g. PowerShell, CSScript, Ruby, etc

l.      Thorough understanding & appreciation ofUI design patterns

m.   Thorough understanding of UI threadingissues & solutions

n.     Caching strategies & performance tuning

o.     APM (Application Performance Monitoring)tools

p.     NOSQL stores e.g. MongoDB

q.     Source control preferably using GIT

r.     Carry out the design for smaller projects orsubsystems of a larger project

s.     Proficient in the use of profilers (code,http, database) to identify and fix performance issues

t.      Use of and adaptation of design patterns tosolve problems

u.     Able to identify and articulate areas of thesystems that need rework

v.     Experienced in Continuous Integration &Delivery

w.    Writes clean and easy to read code

x.     Writes automated tests

y.     Understands and practices SOLID programming

z.     Understands design patterns

aa.  Keeps up to date with current industrytechnologies and best practices


Working Location:

Freeport Zone, Clark, Pampanga



BPOTravel Agency


Interested applicants may send their most updated resumein word format at [email protected] or [email protected]

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