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Offshore Staff Leasing / Hosting

Things have changed, evolved and made you closer to the world. Now, it's time to expand your business and, whichever your market is, expect visible reduction of operating costs when you build your workforce offshore to the Philippines.

Companies that want a rapid expansion are mostly from the technology arena. However, the challenge brings to be the job of handling the recruitment and human resource management. This also includes the headache in managing some accounting and major human resource functions such as record keeping, payrolling, remittances and risk management.

This, PNI Business Solutions provides staff leasing and hosting (also known as Offshore Staffing) services to clients. It allows you to choose the most qualified staff from our pool and build your offshore team in Manila, Philippines. Providing you with an actual working office, Offshore Staffing gives you both business address and a fully functional workplace in an established location while we serve as your legal and HR representation. In addition, we provide payroll and administrative functions including management of your employees and tax and government benefits remittance. By doing so, clients can reduce their operating costs and maximize operational efficiency. This normally works not just for permanent contracts but also for project based and short term commitments.

Offshore Staffing Structure


IT Services
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Game Development
  • Application Development
  • Technical Support
  • CRM Support
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Rich Media & Digital Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Graphic & Creative Design
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Animation
  • Flash Design
  • 3D Modelling
  • Data Entry & Processing
  • Back Office Support
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Medical Process & Coding

Build up Process

As PNI upholds co-create solutions approach, we will work with you closely from stage of identifying your requirements until everything is in place. This also includes acquiring of talents and resources, infrastructure set-up to operational structure and framework. As soon as we start off the project, we make available our team to provide you the full support for your operations day-to-day activities.

Advantages of Offshore Staffing

  • Visible Reduction of Operating Costs
  • Low Salary costs (based in the Philippine market salary range)
  • Mitigate operational risk
  • Allows client to choose talents and resources
  • Direct supervision of staff and resources
  • Reduce HR and administrative responsibilities
  • Timezone coverage
  • Increase return of investment