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Project Outsourcing

PNI group of service companies has always had various programming needs. Whether it be for managing sales productivity, managing CRM interactions, process management, and integrating reports with vaiuos systems of different offices operating different platforms for US , Australian , UK and Philippines operations. We have also worked a number of web supported applications as well as recordings and image data basing applications. And so business systems development has always been a part of our business.

The other key part of our business as an outsourced business applications development provider by helping you through this managed service.

Programming Languages.

master programming languages such as VB.NET, ASP.NET, JAVA, C#, C ,C++ and PHP, which are perfect for creating websites, web-based systems and Windows-based system.


Jquery, Javascript, VBScript, AJAX and Telerik Controls are rich controls that help enhance user experiences and website navigations and functions.


Every business needs databases to make an organized and easier working enviroment. Microsoft Acess, MySQL and MSSQL are some tools we use for database normalization and storing procedure that will surely fit your storage needs.

Design And Layout.

We use Adobe Photoshop and/or CSS for designing layouts or making website banners and/or logos.

Mobile Development.

Because of the growing usage of smartphones, mobile development is almost a must for all businesses. We use Icemium and/or basic4android to make smartphone applications and cross platform mobile development.
PNI Business Solutions Inc. can offer a broad scope of business requirements.

Let us help you tailor your business as we get the right measurements to make the IT solution that best fits you!