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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

PNI Business Solutions has been trusted its name when it comes to HR and recruitment services serving clients across a myriad of industries both local and international market. To better respond to the changing trends in the market, PNI provides a complete range of Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions only designed around you. Our ability to work with your HR department seamlessly allows us to deliver and fulfill high volume of staffing needs.

With our RPO service delivery model that includes recruitment and sourcing strategy, technology and implementation, PNI is ready to extend an arm to help you with the entire recruitment cycle.

  • Formatting Resumes and Portfolio Management
  • Maintain and Update Client Database
  • Resume Screening
  • Pre-Employment Screening / Background Check
  • Candidate Sourcing through Databases
  • Coordinating Candidate and Client Interviews
  • Finalizing Candidate selection process and Client Employment
Valued Proposition
Reduce CostsObtain lower cost in labor, tools, technology and difference in outsourcing rates in the Philippines
Measurable OutcomePNI sets metrics and standard to deliver result
Increase Quality of HiresIncrease high volume of staffing requirements and positions to fill
Speed of DeliveryThrough our RPO strategy, PNI commits to on-time delivery
Time Zone CoveragePhilippines as top outsourcing location has also perfect time zone difference which is able to cover time for international clients
ConsistencyProtect and promote client brand