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Vested Outsourcing

Every company wants to realize a great return for every amount of investment. This can also be achieved through exploring a lot of options. When you desire to establish offshore operations or outsource your project, you are not assured if the engagement would be mutually beneficial with the service provider. Vested Outsourcing or partnership can be an option.

Vested Outsourcing is a hybrid business model in which both parties (company and the service provider) in an outsourcing or business relationship focus on shared values and goals to create an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to each.

This methodology is named as one of the most influential concepts of global commerce as it focuses more on win-win commitment. Traditionally, outsourcing deals and business relationships are sometimes recognized as creating win-lose arrangement where one party benefits at other’s expense.

With PNI Business Solutions, there's no excuse to explore a lot of options as provided and meticulously co-created and designed. Our aim is to provide the best service where in the end, both parties win.

See below diagram of equal and mutually beneficial relationship in Vested Outsourcing.


  • Ownership in Philippine incorporation
  • Equal risk and revenue sharing
  • A focus on stated and expected results
  • True collaboration and paradigm shift